Finding a new perspective

If something I’m dealing with feels negative, one thing that helps me is to find a new perspective. Also, if you can only see one or two options in handling a situation, then you’re in a middle of an emotional response to the situation. This is when you need to pull back and try to figure out another option.

For example, when we deal with people, we will often feel like they slighted us or were mean for no reason. I used to believe that they were just mean. Then, I started asking them why they said or did what they said or did. I found that more times than not they didn’t mean what I thought they meant. I realized that people communicate differently. They say things differently. Sometimes, it was an honest mistake. Other times, they really meant what they said or did. When that happens, you’ve called them out. They will most likely stop. Or it’s a golden opportunity to really talk and work through issues, even though that’s not always comfortable. It really is for the best.

When you are having to make a decision to handle a situation, we sometimes feel we only have two options. That usually is a big red flag that you are in an emotional situation and you need to find a way to pull yourself out of the situation. It means that you will be unable to see it clearly.

This is just two examples of ways to find a different perspective that will improve your life. There are numerous ways to change your perspective. Consciously looking for opportunities to change you perspective is a great habit to get into.


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