Trying something new

When we live with depression or we have become stuck in a rut, we can’t see past it all. I found one way that may feel difficult, but if you try, it will result in a positive step forward: trying something new.

If you love music but haven’t listened to it in a while, find your stash of music you love and just listen. It can bring back better memories. It can lift you up. If you haven’t picked up your camera, taken a walk, seen a movie, visited a friend or relative, or other favorite task, go do it. Even five minutes could make a difference on your outlook. It can keep you going when things are rough.

I watched as family members cared for a loved one that was dying. It was all they did. They didn’t take a break. They were just there hoping they wouldn’t miss a lucid moment or the last memories they would share. It was wearing them down. I feared they would become ill themselves. One took off for a few hours, and it made a difference. He was able to get back in there and be there until the end.

I watched someone I love work all the time. There wasn’t any time for fun. Work was all he did. He had a lot of pressure on him from everywhere. He was getting burned out. He took off for a weekend, and things changed. He realized that all he was doing was working. He realized that he wanted something more. He started to make changes in life to support fun things and to enjoy life more. He still has a ways to go, but he’s working on it.

Think back before things got crazy. What did you like to do? What do you wish you could try? Try something different to enjoy life again.


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