Are you aware?

When I started college ages ago, I took a class that taught behavioral awareness, which is basically how and why people do the things they do. It wasn’t a very detailed class but more of an overview. I learned that there were five levels of competency. Most people live their lives in the first level, which basically is that you don’t know, and you don’t know that you don’t know. You are unaware that there is another way of life, a life that you can make changes to and learn new skills creating a better life for yourself.

Consciously competent is the 4th level, and it’s when you learn and develop skills and determine appropriate behaviors and actions for success. It needs the added bonus of using this knowledge and skills to be most effective.

This information made me realize that I was living my life, plodding along, and knowing it wasn’t great, but I didn’t know that something could be done to change it. I knew that my life was stuck in misery. I didn’t have a good self-worth. I knew that I felt horrible. People made me feel horrible about myself. I didn’t like how I treated others either. This class showed me that there is hope. I can make changes, even baby steps, to creating a “normal” life. I can correct behaviors, see my value, and shift my life in a better direction.

The hardest part is learning to be consciously aware of your behaviors, actions, reactions, thoughts, and words. It’s taking a pause before you move forward. It’s assessing a situation before you knee-jerk react to something or someone.

In the previous post, I shared a breathing exercise. That exercise helps quiet the brain but it can also teach you how to become aware of your thoughts. If you can learn that skill, it can open you up to fixing “issues” that weigh you down and changing negative behaviors to positive ones. You can become aware. In the spiritual realm, this is basically presence.

The exercise I would suggest is start to become aware of what the voice in your head is saying when you do your breathing exercises. Are they negative? Are they mean?  Are they judgmental? Are they loving? Are they encouraging?

In a future post, I’ll explain what that voice is and why it’s saying the things it says.

Until then, I encourage you to continue the breathing exercises and start to become aware of what thoughts you have. It’s the beginning that could change your life!


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